Import Odd Measure Midifile

hi i got some midifiles in 3/4 and 5/4 time signature, when i drag them in renoise lpb stays 4 and i have to manually cut and paste each pattern to adapt the whole arrangement to another lpb and pattern lengt (like 6 lpb and 24 or 48 for 3/4) For small ideas i can live with it but for big arrangements and esotheric time signatures this is a nightmare. Is there a way to choose lpb before importing the midifile or another trick to make this process less painfull? thanks!

Rightclick the midi-file in the diskbrowser and choose “Load file with options”, then set the LPB and lines per pattern in the dialog OR:
go to the preferences and change these options in the “File” preferences at the Midi-import section and afterwards drag and drop your midi file onto Renoise.

LPB makes no difference to time signature. Length of pattern does though, and LPB can make things easier if there are many tuplets in the music.

thanks Vv, i’ll try it out

true but for a true 3 feel i prefer lpb of 6, for balkan-like 5/8 i prefer lpb10, etc… doing those things with lpb of 4 is a nightmare imho