Import Patterns And/or Tracks

By time I’ve made a huge library with patterns filled with melodies, drum patterns, basslines etc. I use this library as blocks which I can use in future projects (tracks). This all because the fattest tunes come in my mind at anytime, not neccesarry when I’m arranging a new track.

Currently I need 2 instances of Renoise to work with these libraries. One for browsing and loading them, the other one for the real arrangement. So I can copy/paste previous made stuff from the first to the second instance. This way of working is not efficient and a hell when working with ASIO drivers. It would be a nice feature if it was possible to browse and import patterns, or parts of them (tracks in patterns) from the instance where in the arrangement is done.

I’m also curious if someone else is working on a way like this and maybe struggles with this missing feature.

Grtz RAM I/0

It has been asked a few times… one example:


I digged the forum a bit before I posted this one. Probably digged not deep enough B)

It would be a nice feature anyway.