Import SF2, Halion or Kontakt Sounds to Redux?

Hello, is it anyway possible to load or import SF2, Halion or Kontakt Sounds in Redux?
I want to move completely to Linux and search a solution to play this songs in Ardour with Linux.
If not, knows anyone a converter to convert it anyway to load into Redux?

Greetings, Stefan

This thread may be good read as far as SF2 is concerned: SF2 support? - #11 by Akiz

I think Halion and Kontakt file formats are not as general as Soundfonts and most likely not supported by Renoise. That said, people have used Kontakt in Linux using bridging applications successfully, but with some meticulous work and tweaks. Yabridge is a popular bridging system for plugins that works really well. I use it with tons of success, but I don’t have experience with NI plugins. I would still look into it and see if you can make it work in your Linux box; I know some Yabridge users that have successfully installed Kontakt in their Linux machines, and with some work, made it work in their systems.

As for Halion, Yabridge may also work, or it may not. I haven’t heard or read about Linux users’ experience with it, probably because it is not a vastly used sampler. There may be issues with Linux and Steinberg’s DRM system, who knows.

Bottom line is, Renoise doesn’t support Kontakt or Halion libraries, so a workaround needs to used. And for SoundFonts, there seem to be several threads about that in the forum that can be searched for.

I do hope I am wrong though :slight_smile:

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