Import Song/pattern Feature Request

I’m working on a Renoise live set and found myself having two instances of Renoise open and copying and pasting patterns across from one song to the other to create a single project from multiple xrns songs.

It would be great to have built in support to load patterns from a song, just like you can load instruments from a song independently. Importing complete xrns songs into the open song and remapping the instruments and patterns automatically would be very nice too.

Developers please consider implementing this in Renoise.


This wish is already executable:
xrns_merge: merges 2 XRNS modules

I know the tools exist, but I specifically mean the importing of patterns from within Renoise. Just like you can import instruments by clicking the little plus icon next to a song.


PS: Actually I believe good old FT2 used to have this…

not that this means anything, but as far as I can remember, FT2 never had this.

Nopes, but you could save tracks and patterns and then load them again.
But this is even more a hassle and than opening up two Renoise instances and copy/paste between the two.

If there was something like a copy track/pattern/selection for whole song or selected sequence (i.e. both allowing you to copy across multiple patterns) that would solve it. On OSX I don’t know if you can have more than one instance open, but that wouldn’t really matter if you had it in the clipboard between songs.