Important Advancement To The Sample Editor.


now we have the ability to use the SYNC button (+values) or finetune, to determine the Grid positioning. Now it kind of works for only loops that have certaing lengths - which is actually my point -> the lenght or amount of bars of the sample. I think they should be selectable.


If the amount of bars was selectable by the user, and the Grid positioning (which is great, but works only for loops of certain legths) was not dependent on the pitch of the sample, we could use loops at any length and just load them into renoise, insert the amount of bars they have and just start slicing the beats - or composing by using the 9xx command.

Anyone else feel like a box where the amount of bars could be inserted would expand the ways we edit?


This is only a suggestion. The way Renoise works is good enough for anyone, so this is just an idea about an advancement and not meant to be a complain by any way. So please don’t get this that way… :)



Ps. this - if the usage of finetune button to finetune the grid was removed - would perhaps need an additional “finetune” BPM values slider. Perhaps it should&would not be removed at all and renoise would just adjust the grid according to the amount of bars, would understand the bpm, and the finetune button would adjust both the bpm and the finetune. Just brainstorming, but that way only the “amount of bars” is an addendum and everything else could remain .oO((:feature-wise:))Oo. the same. Ideas anyone?

If I have understood you correctly, I think what you are trying to accomplish is already possible - have you tried the sync option in the instrument settings?

It will force the sample editor to show the number of beat you decide (when grid is set to snap to beats). When you’ve found the offsets you wanted, you can always turn off the sync option again…


Yes the functioning of the “Sync” button is actually the reason why I started this posting.

Or the -resolution- of it. At the moment for example I have a loop that has all the snares either on the right or left side of the Grid positionings when the sync button is used. Bar lenght is 1 and sync is set to 32. In this kind of situation, the beat plays at double speed (because of the lack of alternate bar lengths) and also the snare’s do not perfectly match the “hits” (because of the same reason).

For a sync option avoid the grid jumping over the hits there are usually 2 options needed.

-set the amount of bars.
-set the bpm (with 2-3 decimals at least)

Now this smoothness can be accomplished by setting the Sync button OFF and using the Bassnote and Finetune -sliders. They have a resolution sharp enough to perform the edits. (edit: and this is enough for me - it can be done, and I don’t care that much about what the shortcut to do this is. This is what I’ve used for my own purposes)

Perhaps I’ve also got the SYNC button functioning wrong - but that is not important now. The resolution of the editing is the key.

Hmm, now I’ve gotta go but perhaps I should post a sample as an example to present this a bit better. (If someone gets what I’m talking about feel free to clarify this aswell.)

Ps. An idea that just popped: Perhaps, if the finetuning could be accompanied with the Sync button - this would be the only change needed? I think the bars and bpm are just musical terms so that does not really matter what we call them =) edit: or what we call them does not affect the functioning of the sliders if they do the same job…

OK it sounds like you’re able to work around the issue, great!

And you’re not alone with the wish for increased BPM precision, I can tell you -

I would like to see something like

  • make a selection
  • tell renoise “this is a bar”
  • sync the sample to that setting

abit like “live” for example. reason is that I have actually alot of drumloops which have the last sound (the last snare) fading out instead of cutting it to achieve the correct length of the sample.


I just noticed that the BPM affects the bars in the loop…

Haven’t actually tried this in the middle of songmaking so actually this could be a pretty neat feature.


Actually yes,

This is REALLY neat how it is done in Renoise…

Using the keyboard you can select every slice and slice the beat…

Neat neat neat neat.

This topic could be deleted =)=)=) renoise is the best tool ever for beat slicing…