11.10.2002. Unofficial and dangerous “patch” for Renoise may be available (some people offer it through MSN) which is supposed to fix some “problems” with Renoise. It may be a hoax or real file but if it is real, we didn’t make this patch! DO NOT RUN IT! As some users report, it trashes registry and Windows! You have been warned! We suspect this may be done by some of our competence, but may be also some malicious hacker. Trust and accept only content that originates from this web site, This includes our official and trusted mirror sites (full list is on download page)!

This info is also on News page so be sure to read them from time to time :wink: There may be usefull info there!

Thanks to users that reported this!

news spread via traxernews ;)

lol@Yannick ;)

nobody suspected you :D

– edit –
hmm… this ; ) smiley looks really strange.

Indded !!

It looks a bit bitter where it’s supposed to smile and wink :slight_smile:

emoticons suck anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just an assumption but not directed to anyone specifically. It may be anybody.

I personally think that Yannick got much more important things to do and is too serious with his own software to have even time for lame tricks like this…

That is completely absurd story. Why would we need a patch for our own software that we have source for?