IMPORTANT: Duplicate or triple orders for Renoise!

To all registered users:

Please be carefull when purchasing Renoise to do it only once!
When the order is processed successfully you should receive 2 mails: one from us and another from our payment service.

If you already received such mails DO NOT purchase again or your credit card will be charged twice!
This is not a too big problem as we will also know when duplicate charges have occured!

Please use reliable e-mail address in order to receive these mails successfully.

We had duplicate and now we even have triple orders for the Renoise! We sent out mails to such users several times in order to verify the status of such payments.
Unfortunately we didn’t receive answers - this could indicate a problem with e-mails? Therefore this notification on forum!

Here is a list of users that had duplicate and triple charges:

I strongly advise those users to contact me by mail ( so we can decide what to do next - we can offer to refund ALL DUPLICATE ORDERS or we can offer additional licenses!
If we refund duplicate orders you WILL NOT be charged twice!

Please let me know!

The copy of this has been sent once again to users concerned.

Thank you once again for all of your interest in Renoise and purchasing it!

NOTE: we will remove names from this list as the problems are being solved!

All of the duplicate orders have been refunded successfully and credit cards of users that accidentaly ordered multiple times will not be charged twice!

To avoid these in the future, please if you have any problems with Renoise registration contact us first using our addresses in help file and on contact page of so that we can resolve your problems.

Also please contact us prior to purchasing multiple licenses - so that we can make an agreement that meets your needs.