Importing 48Khz wavs from Cubase

I generally record parts in Cubase now, at 24 Bit 48k.

I’ve found when I’m using these in renoise they dont sound right.

Is there an import audio option set to default at 44k??

they dont sound right

Can you be more specific?

Can you also share one or two samples for us to test?

sure yeah ill get it off my home pc

it sounds like its been converted to 44khz but doesnt retain orig tempo

Assuming the .wav file is not corrupt and has the correct sample rate set in its header, then it should import correctly. Renoise should not perform any type of conversion upon import.

If you look in the top left corner of the waveform editor, does it show the correct sample rate and bit depth?

You can check Preferences > Files for various import related settings.

The only ones specifically relating to .wav files are whether to import loop markers, and whether Renoise should attempt to guess a sensible BeatSync value. If you’ve enabled BeatSync, or you’re importing a sample into a slot which previously had BeatSync enabled, then it may alter the sample’s playback pitch. So that’d be the first thing to check, I guess, along with other sample properties like Transpose and Finetune.

Other than that, there are settings which relate to importing raw audio files where Renoise cannot automatically determine the correct format. I can’t think of a good reason why your .wav files would be affected by those settings, but you can try to tweak it there and see if anything changes.

“Importing 48Khz wavs from Cubase”

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