Importing Med Files

Hi all

I’ve been and still am currently using MED SS for all my productions, but now want to switch over to Renoise.

Simple question, is there anyway of bringing complete MED files into this program, or some other third party software that can sort the transition?



If you can save as a .MID file, you can import this one into Renoise.

Tried it, didnt work, and it wouldn’t import the samples anyway in midi format.

Thanks anyway.

No, sample import is a different thing to treat (you manually have to save the samples and reload into Renoise).
Switching over from one platform to another always means some or a lot of pain.
But pain eventually moves away the more projects you start and finish in the new environment.

One of the things that should be focussed upon when switching is if you think the application you switch to offers you better possibilities than the one you currently work with.
Or the other application suits you better because of the workflow.

The last case always makes it a lot easier to start from nothing up again.