Importing MIDI (chords) into renoise?

I have 8 .mid tracks I have composed already in studio one and I want to import them into renoise. I can easily bring in the drum parts by using 2 instances of Renoise, but when I try and bring synth chords in, it only copies in one note. I have chord mode enabled as well. How do i import .mid chords and what another midi import tips should I know?

You can always try to connect that chord-track to a virtual midi cable (like LoopBE or copperlan) and in Renoise attach that virtual midi cable to the specific instrument that you want to perform those chords for you.
Set Renoise to recording and start playing your sequence in Studio one, see the chords being recorded into Renoise.
It is a cheap dirty trick. You might as well be able to use another virtual midi cable for the midi clock and synchronizing.

Ok, I don’t fully grasp this yet.

Is this using rewire as well or just a virtual midi cable?

I am basically composing 8 or 16 bars in studio one’s piano roll and then wanting to dump it into Renoise so all the MIDI is in there tracked out. From there’d Id load my VSts and go from there.

I have 8 tracks…some playing chords, some just doing single line stuff. Is it possible to connect each track to a track in renoise and record everything in one pass?

I guess I didnt expect it to be this complicated…ughhh. I really compose better in a piano roll or I would not subject myself to this. But I prefer Renoise for mixing, arranging and everything else.

you need to set the needed note lanes, per track…, so if your chords use four notes, you need four note lanes in that track, before pasting

Ok, I thought I did that. I will try again.

Just in case im an idiot -

When I open renoise instance 1 (the one I use to import MIDI into) do I need to set the lanes in that one?

Or are you talking about the second instance of renoise that I am pasting into? Because I did set lanes there and nothing happened.

Renoise has multiple note-columns in one track. Apparently Studio one seems to stuff each note-line in a separate track by default. (I don’t have Studio One, so i can’t tell)

Thanks. StudioOne has a great piano roll and is a pretty solid program, but I love renoise too much. So the extra hassle is worth it.

Anyway, I did figure this out. I did not need to do any MIDI virtual cables or rewiring.

It was an issue with how I was copy/pasting.