Importing non-audio files as sound - what happened?

I remember a few versions back I was able to upload weird filetypes of ALL kinds, and Renoise would automatically convert them to audio, which I really liked. I remember getting a really interesting pad sound from an image file, and uploading .dll files as a means for backing soundscapes. Now I can’t do that. I remember downloading a tool that claimed to be able to import non-audio files, but it’s now incompatible with the latest versions of Renoise. Really want to do this sort of thing again! Any work around besides importing files into an external audio editor to convert from whatever filetype into .wav/.mp3/.flac/etc.? Thank you!

  • Go to the Disk Browser.
  • Select the Samples category.
  • Enable the [.] button in the file list to show all file types.
  • Right-click any desired file and choose “Load File with Options”.
  • Choose some appropriate raw import settings.
  • Enjoy the noise!

Simply look for the keyword “raw” on the Disk Browser user manual page.