Importing Of Large Samples In Quick Sucsession Halts Conversion


I’m on Ubuntu 10.04 and running the latest beta (5?). I have found this in all the betas and I think in the stable version. If you import a large sample (say a whole song so around 5 mins ~10MB mp3 file) and then import another sample in a new slot before the first conversion has finished, the conversion of the first sample halts at the point you started to import the new sample. Also, if you switch to the sample editor screen and switch quickly between the first imported but halted sample and the second sample, it will eventually freeze Renoise.

The log file seems to show nothing useful.

Is this by design?

This happens on every version of Renoise on every platform I’m afraid, and as such is something to be aware of when loading samples.

Ok, it’s no biggie, just wanted to check it wasn’t a buglet.

Thanks for the reply.

Renoise doesn’t support mp3 import natively (because of license matters) but uses third party libraries. These third party libraries have limitations though but not all are known.

Happens with large .wav files too and is a limitation of Renoise. At least does my end of WinXP.