Importing Songs - File Formats

Prior to being introduced to this outstanding program, I have been working with MED Sound Studio which is the PC evolution of the Amiga tracker - Octamed.

Files as stored as .MED format which is a form of MMD file - is there any way to load these into Renoise?
I’ve tried saving out as a midi file and load into Renoise but I just get a blank song (then I could just reassign all the instruments - not ideal but better than nothing).

MED loads MOD files perfectly, as does Renoise, so surely there must be a way?

If there is, then my money is yours! :D (well… the purchase price anyhoo)

I’m sure there is an easier way (but I haven’t the time atm) but you can open the MED’s in OpenMPT, change the song properties to ImpulseTracker, save the .it, and then open it in Renoise.

Like I said - must be an easier way. I’ll take another look after breakfast ;)

anyway Renoise loads most of MIDI files correctly. At least, I have never seen something like a completely blank MIDI file as a result. Are you sure that other software load your MIDI files correctly?

MED opens .Mid files ok but it’s not saving them out properly - saves as one blank track.

I’ll try OpenMPT and see how that rolls.

OpenMPT only lets me save out as an XM file and Renoise crashes everytime I try and load it.
Any ideas?

Aye, I went back and edited my post after I realised that you could just save it as an .it, and Renoise would open it.

Try opening it in mpt again, but change the song properties to ImpulseTracker, and then save it. The saved .it should open without error in Renoise.


Cheers :)

Hmmm - only loaded one block when I saved as .it and loaded into renoise…

Hey BuZZarD,

Could you upload/attach such an XM, so that we can have a look at this and try to fix this?


Of course! How else can he work out what’s crashing it and fix it?

XM,IT and MED formats

I’ve included MED, XM, IT and ITP formats in case one of them will work.


Thanks. I can’t make Renoise crash with the XM, it just says that the XM is probably broken (has no patterns at all). The converted XM indeed is broken. When importing it again into Modplug, then theres nothing but a few samples left.

Modplug Player seems to do a better job with converting. Maybe you could give it a try as well.

That we do create an internal MED importer is quite unlikely. We often said that we would like to concentrate on new mods, new features, instead of making Renoise a player for ancient formats. But Renoises song format is open. You could also write importers with the new Renoise scripting in Renoise 2.6. Someone just has to do this.

OpenMPT does not load MMD2/3 files very well, as you might have noticed, which also explains the pretty much broken IT and XM files. If you can somehow convert your MMD3 track to MMD0 or MMD1, you might have better luck at loading the file in OpenMPT and then converting it further to XM/IT for Renoise.

Awesome job! Modplug player converted to Impulse Tracker and Renoise loaded up all the song data (and instrument names) perfectly.
All I have to do now is load the VST instruments and play with the timings.

Cheers :guitar: