Impossible Question

I know this question probably doesn’t have an answer. I hope I’m wrong.

I’ve got Renoise on all my PCs (desktop, laptop, surface, etc). They’re all setup the same with Synth1 as my VSTi. Synth1 works properly on all of them. Except the laptop.

On the laptop my banks are displayed, not in alpabetical order, but by number of characters in the filename. The shorter the filename the higher it appears in the ordering. What would cause this? I’m forced to hunt and peck through hundreds of banks to find the one I am searching for. Image here

Are you using a huge zip containing all presets on all devices? Maybe inside a zip Synth1 isn’t able to sort? The preset management in synth1 is quite buggy. It has nothing to do with Renoise.

The strange thing is that my other installations with Renoise and Synth1 are all setup exactly the same. My other installations do sort alphabetically. Look at the screenshot here. But my one installation on my laptop is screwball (hence my post). And this is a fresh laptop with the first two things on it being installed were Renoise and Synth1!