Impressed With Renoise Tracker

I’m tracker musician since 1990.s starting from ProTracker [amiga], over OctaMED & OctaMED Sound Studio ending with DigiBooster tracker.

I just downloaded demo and played for few days and I have to say - ReNoise is my Dream Tracker!!!

All ideas I spend explaining and sending to DigiBooster and OctaMED SoundStudio programmers - you implemented in ReNoise! Im more than impressed and happy! Shortcuts are the same as in good old trackers and Ill definitelly buy your product!

I have just few questions about it:

  • Will it support .dbm [DigiBooster tracker] loading format?

  • What about .MED [or .OSS] soundformat? Would be great if these MEDs could be loadable?

  • Is future of this tracker really secured? I read it on website that it is - but too many promises on trackers in past and everything is lost after

  • Sound is great when play just one track. When turn on another - sound isn`t perfect. I hope it is a limitation of ReNoise demo version???

  • I have one idea / wish - How hard would be to create Tracker editor for Reason? I never liked Reason’s editor, it took me a lot of time to create breakbeat rhythm I create in few minutes using Trackers…


Welcome buddy…

MED-Support is wanted by some other people here, the same goes for Reason/Renoise-connections (with Rewire) - when people continue to buy renoise, the devs will be able to do all of this in later releases. But keep in mind, that this is not a big company and the devs need time to do this.

  • import of other formats:
    none of the developers plan to import formats other than MOD, XM, IT, at the moment.

  • problems with sound:
    you may want to check your latency settings into config menu: looks like you have problems with CPU loading (do you hear crackles or something like that?) This is not a demo limitation related issue

  • future of ReNoise:
    as long as users will use it and register it, the future is secured. The developing team is already working to a new version, and some basic plans exist even for versions after 2.0

When the rns format specs will be released (and redesigned?) it will be easier for anyone to make a converter for e.g. OSS. According to this thread it may not be too far away. So that is probably your best hope. But then again, someone has to do it.

It should be possible to import your med (and oss?) song data into renoise if you convert the files to formats that renoise support. For instance I know there’s a program called “med2xm” and “dbm2xm” (I think they are a amiga programs though).

What you mean ???! :panic:
Please explain this more detailed

the correct name of all OctaMED and MED formats is MMD(0-3).

it’s possible to convert songs but if you worked with midi and MED there is no possibility to keep the MED “hold”-commands/note-off commands. that’s sad and I still wait for a RNS-format-description …

it’s really sad too, that the devs are asked and asked again about MED (and other formats) import and nothing happens … import-features are the basics and they could catch more and more users because that’s a feature missing in all current trackers (except ModPlug) …

Sound in Renoise is as good as it gets. The renderer is excellent.

Renoise has been the leading PC tracker for many years now!

Though recently the gap has decreased somewhat I still hold it as the best and I don’t think that will change as long as new people continue to register.

(I have registered versions of the others too).

Dont know why you have worse sound when you use two channels?
I don’t think so but, could it be that you are clipping the sound?

Instead of using Reason you can use vsti synths inside Renoise.

I definatly think you should register…

Alex, you know that this topic has been discussed a lot in the past, and the results of the discussion are these:

importing more formats would degrade consistency of file format. It’s not as “simple” as doing a conversion: RNI format is (and above all is going to be) a completely different stuff, so that we should really impose limitations to RNI format, or just write a MED player/importer from scratch.

So choose: do you want a better RNI format, or do you want MED importing?

People seem to have chosen RNI format, and if only you would have written a note row for every day which has passed since your first complain about MED importing, you would have finished importing your MED files now :)

Also, ReNoise has (decent) MIDI importing, which, together with MOD/XM/IT should suffice, in my opinion. Which other tracker can import more formats than MOD/XM/IT/MID?

If anyone would even say: “ok, I will code the MED importer” and will complete this task, then people will ask for other formats too, but I repeat: this gives us more disadvantages than advantages.

By the way, my experience with old modules importing is limited to The Path and Need to Suffer, which are two extremely complex XM files. Of course ReNoise plays them awfuly, but it took about two days of hard work to completely re-engineer them, and the result of the subsequent re-composition work can be heard on ReNoise demosongs for “The Path” and here for “Need to Suffer”.

Maybe importing a MED can be more painful, but if you wrote that songs once, you can do it again.

Another little addition to this topic can be even that MED author has never been constructive in the tracking scene, so we cannot expect support from him about anything related to format exchanging.

there were a real and concrete discussion with the devs about other formats? if yes, there was a discussion but no final result and no final NO (“we never will do that”)… and again and again still many question from users and “importing more formats would degrade consistency of file format” can’t be right. this is an excuse for me.

imho import another format has nothing todo with the consistency of the rns-fileformat. Renoise must load the foreign song and must get the note/pattern/sequence/sample-information to create the song within renoise. nothing more. the old module-formats are simple and MMD is one of them.

“If anyone would even say: “ok, I will code the MED importer” and will complete this task, then people will ask for other formats too, but I repeat: this gives us more disadvantages than advantages.”

i don’t thin so IT. i know that it’s less funny for a coder to code a importer than a new cool feature … my experience is that coders love it talk about problems on realisation if they don’t like the job … but at last everything wasn’t so hard …

an experienced coder should do the job of a med-importer from scratch in less then 3 days. file-descriptions is available (MMD0-3) - i see no real problem. B)

i say it again … a success of a software can be measured by import-features/export-features too.[/b]

another theme is the unfinished midi-importer … still no BPM recognition … still no sysex features … but this is another topic … it’s a little pity that implementing of features are stopping if the starting coder stops working in the team (Martinal) … ( don’t get me wrong - i’m nearly happy with Renoise atm - but we shouldn’t forget that not everything is great and something is missed and missed over years now …)

ok, so let’s see it this way: wait for RNS description format to be available, and then wait three more days to get your MMD2RNS converter done :)

as i said it’s not usable for songs with MED-hold’s … and it’s buggy on MED-songs with a different number of track for different patterns.

ok B)

is planned improve mod/xm/it import?

I feel is not waste of time… maybe are “old” formats but are really most popular ones arround

I think there might be solution: import module for MED should import song that has the max number of tracks at some point, and the rest shoulld remain empty. And hold’s can be ignored. The main point for MED loader should be just loading samples and track notes. The rest can be fixed later by musician himself. To me it isn`t important to have fully playable song, just samples, possible speed & other effects can be ignored…

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Just curious… How about med2xm? Is that as buggy? And couldn’t OSS export to MIDI? Maybe that’s a solution?

IMO devs should not waste time to code different importers and file format supports, they should code cool new features :rolleyes:

i think it’s more simple to import the old samples separately in comparision to add/change hunderts of note-offs within a song. MED was well known because of the great midi-support and the MED users used MED for their midi-synths/sampers too … and the notes are the essence of a song not the samples.

djnick: can fix all my old MED songs … i think you would be busy a half year, ok? :lol:

med2xm … is an little cli-tool on AmigaOS, isn’t it? … this small tool is the best one … but there is still the “hold”-problem - with med2xm it will be interpreted as cut-note/sample command or something else - only usable for songs with samples only - in renoise and other trackers you need a NOTE-OFF for midi/vsti’s.

and we should write new songs too … i know … B) … let’s do it.