Improve Gainer Range In Mixer View, And Tool Tip


I tend use a lot of gainers in for my tracks, IMO it’s the most important DSP at all
Now, I’ve stumbled about that quite often, recently:

  • If the gain slider is actived in mixer it’s quite hard to fine adjust, becaue the range is so huge (-24 db … + 12 db)
    Especially for lower gain values it’s incredible tricky to adjust values by using the mouse. A few pixels have a huge impact

  • Therefore, I’d like to see a kind of range selection like for the EQ: e.g. from 0 db … 12, or -12…0, and so on

  • Moreover the display of the acual gain value is implemented via tool tip. Moreover, this tool tip shows values like this “gain - -12 db” or “gain - 12 db”.
    Means: positive values are one minus sign, negativ values are two minus sign. This can be very irritating: one might think everything is negative.
    Suggestions: remove those leading minus sign, and add + for positive values

  • Wouldn’t it be possible to show some values in mixer view, too. Besides the sliders ? Would be very helpful.

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What is so hard about double-clicking the value figure and actually fill in the exact number you want? You can’t get any more precise than that.

agreed - that’s really good for precise adjustments and I’m really glad that Renoise supports it,
but for mixing I like to do it more “gradually” - moving the slider while listening to the result.
And especially between 0…-24 it has so much impact. I know that a gainer can’t completely replace the mixer level slider,
but it would be nice if it could be a bit more like that.

Hold the left ctrl key while dragging to make fine adjustments to sliders.


Admittedly, the accuracy of this particular parameter is still reduced as you get closer to the lowest extreme, due to the logarithmic nature of decibel values, but for -24dB to 0dB I think it helps a lot.

wow - didn’t know it, never stop learning, thanks a lot !