Improve Humanize

I am using Humanize in a song, and I have a couple of suggestions

  1. I wish Humanize Volume/Pan was seperate. I don’t really care to humanize the pan, and sometimes I use the panning column, so this bugs me.

  2. I wish that Humanize would also have the option to delay or play early a note. As if I press a key to early or too late, making sure to take advatage of the Delay Note pattern effect command.

  3. Here is the one that is important to me: Have a little checkbox on each track that has Humanize Playback (maybe three for what I suggested above). What I want here is so that I can set what my base volumes are, and then when I am playing the song, the volumes are changed based on whatever Humanizing factors are.

My thinking is this could also be a DSP, but moving track volumes up and down won’t cut the mustard, because a lot of VSTs change expression based on the volume of the note played (I tried that randomizing DSP). Also I could have two notes on the same line that are of different volumes.

  1. Use the advanced edit

  1. I agree :)

  2. Realtime processing of advanced edits could be fun. Personally I have no problem doing that after the normal recording is done. I would then rather have an option in each instrument to not record velocity. And also have advanced edit actions applied to its own presets/hotkeys.