Improved Amplifier For Sample Editor Please !

Yeah that would be nice but a total ovewrkill for f.ex. adjusting one drum hit in a loop. I would so much like to see a simple fading/adjusting option at selected sample range.

Maybe a volume curve only for selection and if no selection is made then a whole sample?

Couldn’t agree more with dblue’s suggestion. That method would also help me out with the actual amplifier (when you got a very low volume sample and you want to give it a boost, all you’ve got is the little button which gives you numbered amount on how much you want to boost or decrease the volume… and I really never liked this.)

I seriously like the idea of being able to draw that sort of an envelope on top of the sample. I’d also like to see the waveform in the instrument edit window as well. Would help a tad when creating e.g. panning envelopes.

If you only use one sample-slot that might work out, but with a multisample instrument it is a bit hard to perform envelope tuning on a specific sample while it does not apply to the rest in the array.