Improved Chord Recording In Edit Mode


I am enjoying new Renoise a lot, now more than ever since it is working well with all my hardware/dsp solutions.
Nice (I’ll probably write more about this in another post)!

There is something I am missing but never took the time to suggest it.

It is possible to record chords in renoise in edit mode using the left shift key while playing chords. The problem with this technique is that you need one hand to be on the shift key all the time.

This is not practical when you want to enter a chord with both hands… believe me, I tried. (and btw, using your nose to press Shift is a bad idea… )

So, would it be possible to have some kind of toggle for this function (maybe same key but as an option) , with or without visual feedback that this mode is actually toggled.
In my opinion, the chord mode is not a solution to this problem as you have to have the song playing which makes it, in some cases, more difficult to precisely enter notes (and I end up copy pasting parts of the chord that were not recorded on the same pattern because the chord was played a bit too early/late)

With a toggle for step mode chord recording there could be some nice additional features such as the ability to cancel last chord with a shortcut. That would reset the cursor to its initial position, erase the notes without having to grab the mouse, select the chord and start over (this is how I have to do it now). This is useful when you are not entirely satisfied with the amount of volume recorded (this is often the case when using the nose to hold the shift key… :) ).



would be very good feature to enter chords in edit mode, multiple notes at the same time, eaven wen you did not press the play/rec buton:) +++++ for that…

I believe that there is a toggle for this already, but I don’t remember where/what it is, and I don’t have time right now to look. Hopefully I’ll have a moment free later.

well at this time you can enter chords only when you play.

good idea +
chord memory …like that we have multiple clipboards for user assignable chords based on a root key :dribble:

Big +1 on this one… I think it would be a very useful and time saving feature!

When in edit mode I think Renoise should have a auto detect chord when keys are pressed within an interwall you can adjust yourself.

This way you would not need to press shift.

This could be turned on or off.