Improved Drag+drop In Diskops

So yeah. It would be totally rad to be able to group select a bunch of samples on the desktop, drag and drop them into renoise and have renoise load them all into separate instruments, or with a modifier create a single instrument with every sample.

I think, of all the gui stuff renoise still has relatively unchanged from the earlier version, the diskops is the bit that harkens back to FT2 the most. It’s not particularly convenient for file management, compared to the traditional OS save/load dialog Renoise uses otherwise.

In fact i’d say the discrepancy in file browsing gui are a pretty strong weakness. But that’s a whole nother discussion.

Drag+drop is what i’m primarily concerned with :)

Suggested many times in the past (including me).

Yes please, let’s get this implemented!!! Would make life sooo much easier!!

Or even just being able to drag and drop one sample at a time into a slot would be good.

bigger & better diskop (dedicated page) > dragging and dropping from external window