Improved Lfo's & Envelope Editing?


I miss the possibility for a more precise editing of envelopes(edit envelope by numbers) and some form of feed back of the current value of an evenlope step being edited.

For Pitch this value could show +/- semitones/steps from 0 that the envelope adjusts.
For Pan a simple L/R value.
For Volume 0-100% or 0-255 or whatever the max is.
For Filters 0-100% or 0-255…

LFO’s could use a Note-on ‘delay’ value(nr ticks before LFO fades in).

Personally i hope future versions of Renoise inclides the above stuff.

Try hitting Control (on Windows) or the Apple Key (on Mac) and then hovering the points.


Thanks for the tip!
It’s still pretty time consuming to ‘control/command+mousedrag’ to set the precise values.

One way to make this more intuitive would be to control/command+doubleclick on the point and enter a value, as it is now the point is deleted with a doubleclick wich is just fine.
(how many ‘hidden’ keycombos are there?),

The % value works for most stuff, for pitch it’s rather clumsy, how many %'s is 3 semitones?
How far does the pitch envelope span?(+/- 2-4 octaves?). Same for LFO-depth on pitch, what value for +/-1 semitone vibrato?(you get the idea i hope).

My comments? The envelopes simply have to be changed completely so that you can actually edit them effortlessly and accurately. I mentioned this before and if I remember correctly the answer I got was that it’s planned for future releases, but it really doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon unfortunately. And until this happens I really can’t keep composing the way I’d like to.

Take a look at the envelopes of Native Instruments’ Absynth or FM7 - that’s what Renoise needs. No points placed at descreet values corresponding to ticks, but smooth curves that you can control by simply dragging a point between two other points to either create flawless exponential decay curves or regular linear decay curves. And that also means that it needs text boxes so that you can actually enter in values as well as dragging the points, so that I don’t have to fiddle for an hour trying to set a decaying curve with an 0.500 slope over a 437.96 ms time, for example. I often want to use a naturally decaying volume as the release portion of an ADSR curve, but it just isn’t practical to do the way it’s set up now.

As for the issue on the pitch being in %'s, I couldn’t agree more. It really ticks me off when I find software with a compressor attack parameter denoted by numbers from 0 to 127, or the pitch parameter of a kick generator having a ‘frequency’ ranging from 0 to 63 instead of Hz. Similarly, volume should be properly displayed in dB, not %.

But, I guess you can’t ask for everything.

I think with “Precise” the guy meanted some way to manually enter an exact value for the node. (like you can also do with slider-values for effects, or with bpm / speed and other drag and double-clickable value boxes around)

When using the CTRL you don’t always have the odds with you, that you can drag the node to the precise value. And with values of the pitch-envelope this can be a pain in the ass when the sound falls out of the required spectrum.
(yes, my absolute hearing has developed itself that good)

This was exactly what i meant.
I hope to see better envelope editing in future releases.
Guess it won’t happen in 1.5.