Improvement rewire version check while multi-instancing

Hello guys,

if you run Renoise on a second instance on OSX (using a copy of the executable or similar), the second instance will always ask for installing rewire while loading, although the right rewire version was installed before.

This is maybe not the end of the world, but somehow gets annoying if you run R3 often in multi-instances. Can you fix this please? Thanks.

And if the OSC server is activated on the first instance, the second instance will always show an error that osc server could not be started. Instead it would be so nice, if the second instance looks if another renoise already runs the osc server.

Interesting. I don’t have the same experience.

I can start multiple instances of Renoise using this terminal command:

open -n /Applications/

The original name of the app file did not have the version number; I renamed it when installing to help distinguish it for my install of 2.8.2

I apparently didn’t have 3.0 installed on my mac, so this was a fresh install. On first run I was prompted for my password to install Rewire. After that I was never prompted again, no matter if I ran multiple instances or closed them all and reopened a new instance.

As for the OSC server, I get different behavior there as well. With two instances of Renoise running from my terminal command, both of them tell me the OSC server is up and running on port 8000. That makes no sense. I need to look at this later to see if they are somehow sharing.

update: Although both instances of Renoise claim that the OSC server is up and running on port 8000, only one of them (the first one opened) responds to OSC messages on that port. To talk to the other instance I have to change the port number and restart the OSC server.

At no point did either of the instances complain that the port was already in use.