Impulse/modplug "sustain Loop" On Samples

hey… i was trying to edit a sample and add a sustain loop… a feature that is on impulse/modplug trackers - and i couldnt figure it out - i asked in #renoise… no one really knew what i meant… but once i explained they recommended the forum - anyhow… a sustain loop on a sample would be… note on… sample reaches loop point and loops… note off… sample ignores loop point and completes to the end of the sample (the remaining part of the sample after the loop end point) - i dont think renoise has this feature but i would find it really useful for what i am doing - here is an example i made w/ modplug tracker (these files dont open in renoise)

example using sustain loop only:

example using sustain loop followed by an ordinary loop:

neither of these are anything i’d use in music… what i actually was trying to do is have a nintendo triangle wave sample… that audibly pops when you release the note (note off) - thats a characteristic of the real NES triangle channel… but i cant recreate this effect without the sustain loop

am i missing something? or should i put this in the idea box for someone to add as a feature?


ps - some people tell me my site doesnt work… but it works for most people… so i kinda expect replies like “link doesnt work” - but it does on my end and on other peoples machines too… just not everyone for some reason

So we meet again, Dr. Mauer.

I hadn’t thought about it but this could be useful also for a more natural instrument sound. Like, a guitar sound that loops the sustaining part, then upon release, goes on to the subtle fret sliding sound. Maybe?

As for the triangle wave problem, that can be solved for now with a very tiny amplitude release in the instrument’s envelope.