Impulse Sets For Convolution Reverbs

Hi everyone,

I just thought I might share a link to a great resource of free (donationware) impulse sets of famous reverbs (like the Lexicon 460L drool) I came across recently:…s/impulse-sets/

They are really decent. Too bad I don’t have one of the great convolution reverbs but they work well with LAConvolver :).


PS.: If someone happens to know a free convolution reverb other than LAConvolver for OS X please let me know :).

nice,thanx for sharing.

anyone knows a good convolution reverb for win xp?

Only problem is that convolution reverbs tend have quite bad latency.
Even tried an experimental reverb that uses the GPU to process the data :slight_smile:

This is a nice set of impulses from a concert hall, recorded in different positions in the hall with different kinds of mics.

I’m a big fan of SIR, very handy, although it does have some latency… (Now that renoise has latency compensation on every track it’s not as much of an issue)

Noise Vault

Just in case anybody doesn’t know it
Kind of the original home of IRs


just checked out ReaVerb included in Reaper. You can add multiple impulses as files.
Most Reaper fx have low latency and good quality.

As far as I know there was a free Reaper VST pack at the Cockos site:

Hint: cool stuff, but only licensed for research and non-commercial productions !

Thanks for SIR, it looks good.

But do anyone of you have problems with it in Renoise ?

Mine crashes hard when I automate the Wet parameter of SIR.