Impulse Tracker keyboard mapping for Renoise?

I’m interested to know if anyone has mapped renoise’s keyboard mappings similar to IT? I’ve been using IT for many years so its harder to learn Renoise’s FT2 like mappings. So if anyone has mapped them let me know… I guess I could do it myself, but it saves me from the trouble if somebody already did it B)

I’ve heared from about 5 pople that they are working on a IT-keyboardmapping, but noone ever managed to send it to me ;)
So if you! (yes, you) have a more or less finished IT-Keyboardmapping file ready, dont hesitate to send it to me and we will include it in the next release …

I spent the last week trying to use renoise instead of Impulse Tracker, but could not get my head around some of the differences. The main one is that in Renoise, when you press the delete key, it just clears the note currently under the cursor. In IT, the whole channel is moved up by one line as well, which makes editing a lot easier in my opinion.
Is there any way of doing the same thing in Renoise?

Also, I don’t like the wrapping effect (i.e. when you press the up arrow on the top line you end up at the bottom).
Is there any way to disable this?

Is there a one-key shortcut to get to the instrument selector?
Is there a one-key shortcut to move between different patterns (like +/- in IT)?

If I can do these thing’s, myself and several of my friends will definitely register.


If you read the manual you’ll find out that you can do almost all these things (except disableing wrapping if I’m not wrong), and you can also remap them to your favorite keys ;)