Impulse Tracker Style Binding Suggestions?

LUA scripts prove this completely uninformed statement out of the water.

For instance, Bantai just did Home *2 behaviour, so double-press is definitely possible for something like that, so who knows, maybe it could be possible for Mix-Paste too? :)

Done. Four shortcuts in total. Expand / Shrink, Expand / Shrink with pattern resize. Works like a charm.
Would be lovely to know what other Impulse Tracker style keybinding suggestions are missing from Renoise. Protman? Will you chip in with your ideas?

While dBlue’s script does a lot, it is pattern-centric (not selection-centric). it’s possible that it could be modified to be column-centric, then track-centric, then selection-centric, then pattern-centric, and to have non-destructive and destructive versions for pattern resizing or leaving the pattern as-is, but we really are in renoise native territory here.