I am redesigning my ImpulseOctave tool to include new IT/ST style shortcuts as I create them.

I’ve just added a tool/keybinding for setting the instrument value of a selection to the current instrument; like IT’s alt+S.

I also fixed a bug in ImpulseOctave regarding a popup warning if an effect col was selected rather than a note.

Here are some others I have in my list:

name = “Pattern Editor:Pattern:Insert Paste”,
name = “Pattern Editor:Pattern:Mix Paste”,
name = “Pattern Editor:Pattern:Shrink Selection”,
name = “Pattern Editor:Pattern:Expand Within Selection”,

I want the mix-paste to function in two modes. If it were bound to alt+m, the first press mixes only note data, the 2nd press, if there is no other input after the first press, mixes both note and effect data.

Can these really be done? Will you put them into the “Impulse Octave” LUA Script, just to kind of keep the IT/ST shortcuts in one place? ;)
I saw your post About Impulse commands WIP from 2011, and was wondering if these are ready to be pasted into your ImpulseOctave script or is there some other black magic I should do about it?