In 10 Minuten Bush Gef****

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The Aftertaste_januar_rmx isn’t too bad for a dnb type affair. My problem with dnb as a genre in general is the lack of variation in the beats and this is no exception. Do like some of the work with the bass and effects though. Good work there. I played dnb for a good many years and i know a fair few people who would probably really like it mind. Personally I think it’s all about the jungle and the rythms, if you know what I mean.

Not sure what to say about vsthydra. Is it named after a vst called hydra?

hi there!

funny work.
both pieces sounding a bit chip- style.
i prefer aftertaste.januar.rmx …
but otherwise, to learn more about structure and mastering, you could check
Producer Network (ger/eng) there’re tutorials/samplepacks/soft-, hard-ware discussions.
btw: could you describe your topic, please? cant understand that… :D

have a nice day!


Drecks = Dirty
10minuteneinklickorgie = 10 minute clicking orgy
aufrenoise = On Renoise

Dirty 10 minute clicking orgy on renoise

In 10 Minuten Bush gef*****

Fooked bush in ten Minutes