In A Pattern Or Song How Do You Have More Than One Bpm?

in one of the demo songs I noticed a portion of the song has a BPM change.
how is this done and saved to an specific…box or pattern?

I don’t know the proper terms yet but the pattern boxes with the numbers on them…they can all have differnt BPMs?

Pattern command F0xx can be placed on any track’s pattern effect column (the right most column of a track), preferably on one track (mostly the master track, Ex: F078 = 120 BPM).

Though you can set fractional BPM’s such as 128.345, you can’t use pattern command F0xx for such. If you do, it overrides it. (Ex: F080 = 128).

Pattern command F0xx is linear, meaning, you can’t use different BPM’s for each track.

EDIT: …but you can modulate it, as you have seen in one of the demo songs.

I’m sorry I’m just confused.

so if I want a song to start out at 90bpms then after a few measures go to 120 bpms…I can’t do that?

I confuse myself sometimes ;)

Yes, you can start out at 90bpms then after a few measures go to 120 bpms.


That probably was the confusing part on my end. How can I reword this…


NO (independent BPM’s for each track)
F078 F080 F093 F023

try with an example

90BPM is F05A
120BPM is F078
put those codes in a pattern effect column.

thanx guys i will try.

next to pattern commands I think having a way to automate bpm / lpb in the automation editor by simply drawing an envelope would be a welcome new feature.

Have global bpm control option only on the master channel in the automation editor.

No calculating hex to decimal representation but immediate feedback on the speed your setting.

a honest +1

You can try out if the effect is right by pressing enter, this is “play row”, it only plays current row and also triggers the effect commands, so you can see what BPM the effect actually sets.