In/decrease Pattern Size Buttons Not Working Properly

See the video below (I know the quality sucks, watch it in full screen):

Notice the mouse pointer position.
Expected: DEcrease pattern size.
Actual: INcrease pattern size.

Another thing:
When positioning the mouse pointer between the two arrows, both of them are highlighted, not just one of them as would be apropriate.

It looks like you’re using the smallest font size and you’ve also decreased the font’s horizontal/vertical spacing to zero?

Seems to be some quirky behaviour when using those extreme settings. We’ll obviously look into it, but might I suggest that you simply tweak your font size settings a bit?

If you don’t want to change your font settings, then also remember that you can drag the numerical value above the arrows up and down to quickly change the pattern length, and you can also simply double click the same value to type in a new one. Hopefully one of these methods will be useful to you in the meantime.

Problem is very much present in the following scenario:
Font: Small. H-spacing: 0.

The problem is present to a much lesser degree in the following scenarios:
Font: Small. H-spacing: 1.
Font: Normal. H-spacing: 0.

I very much need those “extreme” settings (in fact I would like an even smaller font size). I’m familiar with the other resize methods you mention and the pattern resize bug is obviously not a big issue.

Thanks for your advice and for looking into the issue.