*.* in DiskOp (like in FT2)

In FastTracker 2 you could click the . button in DiskOp and load all files as sample (.exe etc), also u could load incompatible samples and do Conv (W) etc. In Renoise some wavs don’t even work and the . isn’t even there. Please change :)

I would also appreciate file type filters, but I suppose that’s pretty obvious. It just might not be a bad idea to separate the directory/drive view from the file list view while at it.

a drive combobox on the top of the disk browser…
this would prevent from clicking on the wrong item and changing drive, as it occurs to me 50% of the times now…

hey I’m dumb B)

Other things that would be nice is a sort by: Date, name, size, and so on…

mmmmm this would be great :D :D

But is it possible…


And the browser should remember last position – it’s totally uncomfortable when I’ve got a lot of files in a directory and I need to scroll them down every time I want to load files from the bottom of the list (personally I like to check files starting from bottom ;)

And the browser should remember last position

it will, and it will also let you loading any filetype as a sample.

can we have more than 4 saved directories, please?

even ft2 had more than that (kinda :P )

(sorry, i think i’ve mentioned this before)

the new diskop has 4 faviourites per category (Song/Sample/Instrument/Track/Pattern/Skin) .
I think this will be enough.

Is it possible a “parent” button will be implemented at the same time??.. pleeeease :)

there’s a “…” directory entry if that’s what you mean.

I think he means instead/in addition to that. I also would aprechiate an “up” button, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the “…” entry. There should be some “navigation-bar” with buttons like that (I like back and forth navigation for directories, too, but I might be the only one :) ) and the presets.

definitely, though i still don’t understand why it’s ‘four’

seems a bit of a strange number

but it will be good :)