In-fluence - In-fatuation

This is a bit of a one-off for me. Managed to get this done in about 8 hours to help alleviate my god-awful mood. Made using Sampletank’s excellent orchestral soundbanks, Renoise and no device chains strangely enough!
Or check out In-fatuation on the links below

Comments welcome on how to make this a bit more realistic.

could you add a link for people without facebook? i remember hearing one of your songs a while back (the one with all the samples about “let me tell you a little inside information about god…”) and absolutely LOVED it, so i can’t even imagine what you could put out if you didn’t consider any of your previous work “real”

The virb & myspace links in my sig should be OK shouldn’t they?
It’s also downloadable from both places as it’s far from my usual style. The virb account gives you a 160kbps mp3 too…

As for the ‘real’ thing - it’s because it’s entirely orchestral, and because it’s the first thing I’ve written ‘from the soul’… enjoy :)

Hi In-Fluence,

I’ve listenend to your new song. First of all, it’s always a pleasure to find new non-breakcore songs made with Renoise :)

Your song is also well done, though it suffers, in my opinion, of a slow starting: thre is little evolution during the first two minutes, and the piano keeps on repeating. At some point, an “explosion” of feelings is highly expected, but it only comes after another minute.

these are surely your personal choices about the arrangement, but personally I would have preferred a more intense use of the piano enrichments you have put in the second half of the song, and also more usage of percussions and grave strings (cello, double bass).

anyway, I’m surely going to listen to this song again, as I want to understand it better, and because I simply like it :)

Oh come on

Thanks for your reply It-Alien, I’m glad you like it. There are a couple of changes made since putting it up. I’ll get on it tomorrow and add a little more in-tricacy :) - I do agree with you on most points in fact :)

don’t be offended by my phrase: I think that Renoise can be used to produce almost any kind of music, and I would really like more people understand this. You know, Venetian Snares have attracted lots of breakcore producers, so if people produced more non-breakcore music, they would attract more non-breakcore people, resulting in more success for Renoise. This is what I meant.

I don’t like breakcore, still :P

waiting for your new version of the song

sorry, i didn’t see them before

took a couple of listens. this is fantastic. very emotional and intensely beautiful. amazing sound quality too. the strings sound great