In My Dreams

Please tell me, whatcha think :)

well, bearing in mind that I have no idea about the “rules” of hardstyle-music and can purely comment on this as tech/house/minimal-lover (and as someone who has got to know you abit in the past months) my comments would be this :

it seems to be a nice little smasher and I like the general idea, the vocoder is nice (vocals make everything easier :) ), but :

first of all the arrangement is abit too jumpy for me, it’s like a few bars of drums, break, drums again, break, would drive me insane on the floor because I just couldn’t bang away for a longer time.

also, in more general terms I would suggest playing more with the set-up of the song. it’s overall quite dark, I think a big fat break would work great. like build up this dark soundscape, small break, dark soundscape again, then start a break, make everything more happier, pitch the vocoder line up gradually and then just “break the break” by dropping it all down to the dark bottom again, fading out really dark and agressive…

It feels like the idea and the parts are definately there, it’s just not really laid out yet, I would probably turn this into a 8-minute-hymn.

btw, do you plan or even have the possibility of “going somewhere” with your music or do you just do this for fun/recreation ? (which would be fine, really, just want to know)