In need of Visual work

Hi crew is there any chance…that any of you guys…like t
o paint…or are into digital art…
Im in the need of a logo for my type a project
And also need an upgrade on the visuals of my youtube channel.
The banner…

Unfortunately …i dont have …money…right now to pay for such work…
But if any of you its intersted in this stuff…maybe we can agree on something
Any musical related…work on my behalf…or something :slight_smile:

Depends on what you’re after, i’m certainly not a professional designer, but i like to play with Photoshop and other graphic apps. Maybe i can help you out, i could give it a try just for fun.

I can do some fractal art stuff, some simple 3D stuff, photo manipulation or animated gifs for instance. I’m not the best logo designer though and i don’t have illustrator, so it’s a bit limited what i can do especially when it comes to vector based stuff like logos usually use. Photoshop also supports vectors graphics though, but not as well as illustrator. If you have a nice font you want to use i can easily make it 3D and manipulate it into looking a bit more interesting for instance.

thank you man…:slight_smile:

well you can work on the banner for my youtube channel :slight_smile:

visually when i think of my music usually …comes out something…like Moebius comics…mostly its landscapes…

and also…abstract expressionist stuff like Mark Rothko…

if you manage to make somehing like that it would be awesome…and not hard …i think :slight_smile:



well this is cool jjj…:slight_smile:

But what is your youtube channel and which size should the banner be?

But what is your youtube channel and which size should the banner be?

ahh sorry … this is my youtube channel its for tutorials about renoise…and i plan to …put my music on it too…

the banner should be 2560 x 1440 png