In Progress (nucleus)

303 electronic style, after my first attempt with 303 ad (which is still in progress too), i learned the new stuff a bit more, and here it is the preview results (i love previews).

feel free to comment, i like comments ;).


First of all, i love the funky 303, it’s clean as a whistle … still wanna get my hands on that vsti.

Second, I like the part between 00:24 and 00:32, it fit in perfectly, and it’d be nice to see more breaks like that to give it more variation.

The sound is very “full”, which is nice, but i think the way it is now, it’s a big too “boring” in the long run. But like I said, breaks in the song, like the one mentioned earlier, is gold.


And another thing… I just love drums, and well, try adding some snares or whatever :) it’d do wonders to the song.

At least that’s my opinion.


snare drums indeed !, check it again you gonna like it, i’m positive :), it’s running 5 min now, woooooohoooo…


any idea or suggestions is welcome, it’s how i’m making evolving stuff around when i lack of idea myself :).

alright, commenting again, i’m listening, and it was pretty nice untill about 2:40 when those snare drums kick in, and it gets VERY nice hehe

Alright, now, they kick in for just a small while… what i’d like to hear is these drums in the background while the song progresses from there, to kind of fill up on the rythm.

Now what really ruins the song (and yes i use the word ruin) is the EQ on the string/synth from about 3:12 till about 3:44… that sharp bastard nearly tore my head off

Sorry i’m being mean here.

But it’s a shame when something like that ruins an otherwise awesome tune… So just lower the EQ or lower the tones on it down a scale, and it’ll all be sweet :)

Hehe, at the end of the song now, can tell you’ve added some more drums. Sweet, they’re kinda in the distance… just curious, use filter on them to make them darker?

Looking forward to the final result! Keep it up

yeh it was too high, i downed it one octave, and it “cries” less now, u’re right on target ;). i had the same remarks from multiple fellows so i guess i was a bit going over the top on that one ;).

i’m nearing the end i think =).

no filter for the drum they sound like this base, i guess it’s the overall sounds that make them sounds darker.

anyway thx a lot for the inputs, it helps :)

big update :lol:


Good stuff, though it gets a little boring towards the end.
And those high-ultra-high freq synth could be eq’d a little softer.

one more thing.
the first thing we where told when we started releasing music was:
It kinda disapeard in the end of your mix…

I don’t know if I liked this song or not… I liked the instruments and the good use of filters, but in my opinion in some important parts (at min1:50 and at 4.30 for example), there’s not the typical "wall of sound"of dance music. I guess this is because of the kick’s sound (try something more punchy) and the low volume of hi hats (increase their volume and alternate different tipes of hi hats)…

Btw, the overall impression is good (my opinion) :) :) :)