In Times Of Need

I had a spot of trouble with another song ( ) and was really frustrated. In addition I saw the thread about people and their music studio setups, and I was a little depressed because this is pretty much a hobby and my studio is the laptop under my couch.

Vvoois recommended I take a chill, and the next day I came across a 25 cent, 50 year old book on music composistion. The book was helpful enough (I’m going to get something more modern because I’m not trying to decompose Bach) and I took Vvoois advice.

I’m looking for any feedback. I had some samples from movies originally (the same from the above mentioned song), but I took them out. Also my usual crazy sounds got thrown out the door (not even a cymbol crash!), instead I tried to put in some Form, Harmony, Melody and Rhythm (got that from the book).


Song link:

The nice guy in me:
Soft, energetic beats work well with the tune theme, nice one. Things happen at the right time in terms of listener expectation; theres quite a good breakdown at 2:08ish for instance.

The meanie in me:
I’m not a fan of the tune change. Although it’s the right scale to move to and at the right time, the tune itself doesnt marry to the first section quite right to my ears, with the exception of the first couple of bars. Just sort of loses momentum or something. Cant quite place it.

maybe rearange the tune a bit after 2:50ish…?

Anyway, I certainly don’t dislike this; I’m sure someone will tell the meanie in me off for being too picky :)

Well I’m certainly not going to call you a meanie, because I feel the same way. I couldn’t quite figure it out. I was really happy with the key change, but then it sort of backed me in a corner. I had a bunch of different ideas, but nothing ever quite worked. It was the best possible solution I could come up with, and I am happy with the outcome, but it isn’t perfect.

By the way, Alex, Phoebe totally rocks! Already on my mp3 player. An excellent adventure.