Include The ' Filter 3 ' Modes In Filter Envelope Window

I remember back when the filter 3 was introduced for renoise 2.0 …boy boy …what a difference it was in soundquality compared with the old filter 2 ( which is still used in the filter envelope after all these years …)
SO , wouldn’t it be time to incoorporate the filter 3 in the filter envelope window , I have requested this several times and many users agree on this , is there any reason why this hasn’t been done yet …??

gets my vote.

+1 :dribble:

sure makes sense

c’mon c’mon bump me babe …
We need votes for this verry basic feature …

I don’t think i happen to know what filter 3 is, but I’ll vote anyway. ^_^

well actually filter 3 is just the filter ( svf , ladder and butterworth types ) which was introduced in renoise 2.0
THe filter types that you can choose in the filter envelope window ( instrument section ) are based on the previous filter algorithms ( filter 2 ) .pre renoise 2.0 , so I think it’s time that the developers include the new filter types in the filter envelope window ,

im not sure if the modes in the instrument editor are not the same as filter three, but they definitely sound different and lacking the butterworth which i tend to use alot.
so + 1 here.

indeed the modes in the filter envelope are from the old filter algo’s .
Just pick the moog filter with max reso…Awfull distortion …filter 3 ( ladder type ) doesn’t have this behaviour it sounds much better .
I rarely use the filter envelope because I just don’t like the filters ( except the biquad ) , I always use filter 3 + lfo device in envelope mode +keytracking for resetting lfo phase …

yeah, i was just about to say the biquad is quite nice.
i wonder why it isn’t in the Filter 3…

I end up with lots of one-shot LFO devices controlling Filter3s all over the place. Is there some technical hurdle in the way of putting the new filters inside the instrument editor? Are they much more CPU hungry?

oh ok, I got it.
Actually yeah, it be nice to have a revamped filter with more filter types - 12db, 20db, 40db, analog, vowel and so on.