Inconsistent Dsp Names

Affected DSPs:

  • Filter / Filter 3
  • Distortion / Distortion 2
  • Gate / Gate 2
  • mpReverb / mpReverb 2

It looks a bit unprofessional to me.

Would there be anything inherently wrong with finally revealing all the old DSP’s again? They are genuinely useful to have around for the experimental crowd e.g. I miss the way the old Filter 2 could change into a distortion with a mere parameter change.

I propose keeping “clean names” for the latest version of each effect, as you have done, and preserving old DSPs in the list by presenting them as e.g. “Filter (2005)” or “Filter (v1.5 - v1.9.4)” (or whatever it was), and the latest is always just “Filter”.

Revealing the old DSP’s could default to off, and be toggled by right-clicking “More”.