Inconsistent Pitch Bend Amount? (02xx/01xx)

I guess I’ll just give an example

I have a song with a cymbal hit and I use the 0200 command over 8 beats or whatever. It either 1. continues to pitch bend down to the 8th beat as I want, 2. It pitch bends much quicker and stops after the 3rd/4th beat or 3. It doesn’t drop the pitch at all, in which case I have to use 0220 instead.

Now, it doesn’t change every time I play the song but its different whenever I open up the song and enter it, or it will change at some seemingly random moment.

Is this simply the intrinsic nature of the command or what? How exactly do the values relate to the rate of pitch bend? I’m just trying to get it to do what I want.

first of all, the functioning of 1xx/2xx command is described here and yes, it’s awkward and will be hopefully changed in the Renoise 2.x stage.

that said, your problem is that you use 0200, with 00 as value, which use last written command value. this can lead to unpredictable results, so you should write a precise value at least on the first of a 02xx serie each time you want to achieve a precise result.

regarding 01xx pitching more than 02xx, this is probably due to the fact that your cymbal is initially being played at a note higher than C-4, then it reaches the high end quicked than the low end, but again the 00 value could be the reason. I cannot be sure without seeing the pattern

The speed an tempo (bpm) also have influence on the pitch rating.
If you change one of them the value will not automatically get adjusted to the new ratings.

I’ll quote one piece from a closed part of the forum:

Damn it, I thought I checked the wiki.

anyways, worse comes to worst, I can always use the instrument editor to do it more accurately.