Increasing Resolution Of Automation Points

Apologies if this topic is already discussed elsewhere, I did a quick search but couldn’t find anything.

Anyway - I am wanting to increase the resolution of the horizontal axis of the automation window. Basically, instead of having 64 ‘points’ to manipulate per 64 row block/pattern, is it possible to increase this resolution, to say 128 points per 64 row block/pattern?

I ask this because I am working on a gating effect in one of my tracks using the automation of volume, but I find that the ‘slew rate’ is not quick enough with only 64 points (one per row)

Any advice?


you can increase the pattern length by using this control:

you can also double the current pattern length by using Advanced Edit’s menu items.

Then, you will have either to double the BPM (F0xx command) or halve the speed (F1xx)

No unfortunately. But there is a workaround :

  1. Double the length of the pattern
  2. Mark it the pattern
  3. “Stretch it out” with the “double” function in advanced edit
  4. Double the tempo OR halve the ticks per bpm

Now the music should sound exactly as before but with double resolution
in the automation.

It-alien beat me to it by 1 minute :)

Awesome, thanks guys!

wouldnt it be nice if we had a zoom feature?

I agree, at least down to tick level. It would be excellent to handle quick
transients for example.

this has been discussed before into the ideas & suggestions section.

It will be probably implemented when the “tickless” engine will be developed.

ReNoise will have rows divided into an high, fixed number of ticks (now you can change the number of ticks by using F1xx), and will let you zoom each row to place notes.

At least this is how the discussion has designed Renoise future.

We will see.