Independent Track Lengths

I have two questions:

Q1. Can a single pattern can contain tracks with different lengths? For example, 4 bars of drums and a 1 bar bass line in one pattern? If not, are there any workarounds to accomplish this?

Q2. Does the registered version of Renoise include additional samples?


What exactly do you want to accomplish?

Do you want when the drums play 4 bars and the bassline to play one bar and then stop? In that case just enter enough notes to fill just one bar, and leave rest of the track empty.

If you want the bassline to loop four times during the time the drums play, you just need to copy the first bar three times. There is even a shortcut function “continuous paste” available for this.

  1. Press Home (to go to the first line in the pattern editor)
  2. Hold shift (to start selecting)
  3. Press PageDown (to move down to the next bar)
  4. Press arrow UP (to move to the last line of first bar)
  5. Release shift (to finish selection)
  6. Press ctrl-c (to copy the selection
  7. Press arrow down (to move to the first line of the second bar)
  8. Press CTRL-P (to automatically paste the pattern data to remaining 3 bars)

Sounds like many steps, but it’s really easy if you get the hang of it.

There is one additional sample pack in renoise backstage as far as I know, but not much more at the moment.

Thanks, I want the 1 bar bass line to loop. The continuous paste function is helpful. It is also helpful that I can temporarily shorten the pattern to 1 bar, edit the bass line, and then set the pattern back to 4 bars without losing my notes in bars 2-4.

I just bought Renoise. The additional sample pack is slightly disappointing. It would be nice if categories such as Brass, Strings, Leads, Pads, etc. were included. Of course, I can create my own but it would be nice if some of these basic sounds were included.

There are additional samples/instruments/dsp chains/etc. in the Library directories. Look for this button:


Also check out:

Thanks Conner_Bw.

You don’t actually have to change the pattern length. Use the Block Loop functionality as seen on the transport panel. Set it to 1/4 and enable it (keypad enter), Renoise now loops 1/4th of pattern. Which part of the pattern is looped is decided by on which line your edit cursor is at the time of enabling the block loop.

Read more about Tranport Panel in the Renoise Manual.

We will probably give some new samplepacks to registered users in the future. I for example intend to record one once I get a better sound card - something that probably suits your needs - brass, bass, strings, choir, etc samples from some hardware synths.

Perfect! That was exactly what I was looking for.

Great. Thanks.

this would probably infringe the synth usage license…?