India Insane

although this is a rmx, its totaly different from the original (tracked by ‘the khin’), unfinnished version. i added my dark-tech-sound :angry: and mad zkilled tracking :rolleyes: and this is the result;


feedback most appriciated.

its also my first release (up soon) for (norwegian electronica db/aalesund)

Me like… :D

Gotta finish the original soon! Well, it IS finished in a sense, but that’s the FT2-version… Working on the remake. Listen to this in the meantime for some impression of it, started by me, last monotonous part by Dj ZiD.

India Project, xm-version:

argh. where is the feedback? :(

kewl:D just make sure you call it The khin & sewen - india project part 2

im actually at work now, 03:48. cleaning the pastør. lol

cheers! B)

I´ll listen to your remix when I´ve time (and enough bandwidth =()

I like the XM version of this song, tho cant wait to see / hear the Renoised version :)

It’s just a name for a song… :) Now it’s more like a co-op project actually, no.1 was with Dj ZiD, no.2 with Sewen, and we’ll see what comes next.

uh, sewen’s mix is also a nice one indeed. Could really fit in a club I think.