Individual Drum Tracks..


Say I want complete control over each drum sound from the stock 909 kit (pan,volume, effects etc.).

At the moment, I’m dragging each sample from the browser window & creating a separate instrument for each e.g each instrument = single sample.

00 bass drum
01 snaredrum

Is this best way to do this ?

AFAICS, effect commands in pattern editor will affect all samples playing on that line. Therefore having the whole kit on the same track is limiting in this respect … ?

Depends how you want to group your ‘complete control’.

Firstly load up the whole “Kit” instrument at once: just double-click the kit.

You will rarely need to ‘split the kit’ into separate instruments. I cover one case at the end of this post.

If you want individual pan, volume, and pitch, you can do this purely by tweaking each sample under [Instrument Settings]->Sample Properties box.

If you want individual control for a some effects, you might be able to get away with using the volume and pan columns for this. Ensure the Show Panning Column button is on. You’ll find it in the “Track” box near the upper-left of the screen. Volume column will accept 00-80 as volume, or 9x,Ax,Bx,Dx,Ex,Fx effects. Panning column will take the same but 00-80 does panning.

If you want more control again, using all available pattern commands, then yes, split things up by track. But not by instrument, yet.

Finally, if you want each sample to have separate envelopes for filter, volume, pan etc. you should split them off into different instruments… just select ALL SAMPLES inside the kit as it appears on disk, by shift-clicking from first-to-last, and drag-drop them over the instrument box. They will insert themselves in order.

cheers !

I have a question that falls into this thread. Basically, like the original poster, i am loading my samples each into their own instrument slot. However, is there some kind of global setting where i can trigger all the samples simultaneously?
Right now, whichever instrument slot i choose, it acts like a midi switcher where i cannot trigger the other instrument slots.
Basically, the idea is to have the ability to play all the samples simultaneously like a typical drum sampler.
Sample 1_instrument slot number 00>>set to MIDI note C1
Sample 2_instrument slot number 01>>set to MIDI note C#1
Sample 3_instrument slot number 02>>set to MIDI note D1


Read this: (especially the section “mapping samples to keys”)

Also watch vvoois’ excellent video tutorial which explains some general sample/instrument handling techniques.


ok, checking out now. Thanks!

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