Infinite Cpu Speed And Extra-slow Vsts

Almost posted this is chat but anyway…

Most VSTs only use a fraction of the CPU, but are there any VSTs out there that require 5x to 100x faster CPUs than the fastest home computers of today for realtime rendering?

Also, are certain effects in general prohibitive on today’s processing power? For example, could the classic reverb effect be more realistic or interesting if CPU speed were no barrier? What other sound processing effects are impossible with today’s CPUs?

try the following code:

processReplacing (float** inputs, float** outputs, VstInt32 sampleFrames)   

this should keep your CPU busy for a while…

Some z3ta+ patches, Massive and Omnisphere are rather CPU-hungry!

Imageline AutoGun 100% in P4 3.0ghz and 70% in 2.4 core2Duo
really bad vst programing :D (no optimising)

Something about most of these seemed to take me instantly to 100% CPU usage and cause Renoise to stop when I tried loading them the other day in a project.

Not yet tried in empty/test projects, other hosts or other investigation which I need to do before going further with it though…

I know massive, and alchemy take quite a good chunk from my macbook pro

Raytracing reverb is pretty advanced stuff. It’s mostly done with convolution and some strange forms of interpolation, but doing it in real time with hyper-realistic results could take quite some CPU.

Although, I have seen some realtime raytracing reverb implementations available.