Infinite Pattern ?

I had this idea the other night…

One thing that I don’t like in my music is that it’s too much structured on the pattern-scheme… i.e that row thing. My tracks usually look like this in fact:

32 - 32 - change - 32 - 32 - change - …

It would be really cool to have an option that could let us create a unique-pattern track with an infinite pattern. It could be presented as a normal pattern at first, with a “end track” trigger… then we would just put that trigger further away pressing the INSERT key…

I don’t quite get what you mean here? Can you explain in more detail?

Yeah i think i get it, great idea…
The patterns are limited to being just “FF” long,
would be nice to have them maybe 8 times as long as that?
Makes automation a whole lot easier with longer patterns.

etnoscope exactly…

Plus it would break the boundaries of pattern-based music imho…

The pattern could count like this

00.00 -> 00.FF - 01.00 -> 01.FF - 02.00 -------> FF.FF

If I’m not mistaken it would make a 256 rows long pattern ! :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken it would make a 256 rows long pattern ! :)
You are mistaken :P

FF = 255
F00 = 256
FFF = 4095
FFFF = 65535

So basically, you can already make 255 row patterns, and three hex digits would probably be more than enough for anyone.

i’d say 256 = 100 in hex :)

It’s possible to change the length of each pattern… using this method you can easily add off-beat links between different patterns, or even write music in very strange time signatures. Try changing the pattern length parameter in the position editor, this affects the local pattern (not the global song) so each pattern can be a totally different length if you like.


OK I can’t count in hex, my bad :slight_smile:

but my idea still remains… Infinite patter == 1 pattern which would be the lenght we want !