Infinite regurgitation

Hello renoisers,

This is my final and last song from my 2013 handmade ep. All renoise, hand programmed, some reaktor stuff but mostly renoise only.

Cheers, and have a productive December!

That sounds pretty cool, great ambient sound :walkman: , loved the rhythm section :drummer: . Great job man. :w00t:

Thans Keiss, it took forever to complete it, too much micro stuff and drum programming :) Btw. I was in Moscow this weekend, great city! :)

this song must indeed have taken ages to complete… great work!!

graci mille It-alien :)

Wow. Those are some great breaks.

thanks bro ! :)


i like the “unprocessed” sound of the drums, the piano, the bitcrush end idea, the track’s complexity
very cool work

nice =) what are you using for the piano sound?

Thanks guys, I bought Komplete a few years ago. So most of it is part of the kontakt library. Some of it is mangled in reaktor as I’ve started to do a lot of music there now with my own sequencers and synths.
The bit crushing end looks rather nice in a spectrogram too :)