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“The demo from Earthen Records’ latest band, Inghean Bhuidhe, has been released. Simply titled ‘Demo 2007’, it features four tracks of metal action, giving a rough yet accomplished glimpse at the future of Northern Scotland’s heaviest, most powerful act.”

Promo blurb aside, this came about because I liked how last year’s ‘Chicken On A Stick’ track turned out. It was supposed to be a joke, and the vocals certainly were, but I thought the riffs and the convincing nature of the guitars, bass and drums worked well. So you’ll find a reworked version of it as Track 3. The idea is to do something based purely in metal, using only the typical instruments and acoustic guitars. So the demo takes a more serious approach to the music and also features an improved, heavier production throughout.

I know some folks here will recognise the effect used on the guitars in Track 2. ;)

Track 1 is really chaotic, not the stuff i’m usually listen to but it seems well produced for that kind of music. Lot’s of changes keep it interesting.

Track 2 was more my thing, the intro is lovely and nasty at the same time and the vocals plus guitars give it some sort of heavy pressure. Using Glitch on the Guitars is quite interesting and it’s the one i like most. :)

Track 3 is pure chaos again, but i love the drums switching from slow to uberfast and the very diverse production. Lot’s of changes keep it interesting again for the listener.

Track 4 stands in a row with track 1 and 3.

Overall i’d say this is some excellent guitar and drum work. For my personal taste i’d rather like some contrast to all that heavy stuff, like you’ve done in track 2. But this may not be what you’ve aimed for in the end.