Initialize Instr. Automation - Start with an epmty instr. automation


When I open an Instr. Automation and choose the Virus TI insrument, it comes up with a set of parameters, ie cutoff, resonance etc/ that are already preconfigured.

I want to choose the paramaters myself and start with an empty set,. How do I do that?

When have this fixed I will upload the instrument and a step by step guide on how to automate the virus ti in renoise and use the knobs on the virus ti. (got it running finally!)


I would suggest saving it as an effect preset.

You can share presets on Renoise downloads - there is already a number of synth specific ones there:

Thanks for the quick relpy danoise, I really appreciate it!

But how can I start with an ‘empty’ instr. automation device? When I open the device now, it connects to the Virus TI plugin and sets an enormous sets of parameters for the Virus Ti plugin, but I want to start with a fresh, empty list, and add the parameters myself.

When I choose ‘init settings’ on the automation device, nothing happens, I thought this would empty all preconfigured parameters.

I want this list to be empty, and start adding the parameters for the virus ti myself:

[I’m trying to add a screenshot] :slight_smile:

I want to start with a fresh, empty list

I don’t think that’s possible, the device always contains the full amount of parameters.

What you can do is to change the order…decide which ones are the most important, should come first, and how many pages to show.

For the Virus Ti it just shows 5 parameters, actually only 2 and 3 soft knobs. But that for 16 parts. I can fix it like this, I just thought it would be neat to start with an empty device

Thanks for your time!


I just found out that I can choose ‘remove’ parameter by right clicking the button in the plugin. It take some effort, but then I can start with a empty list. (Yay!)

  • Well I removed every parameter and saved the empty device.

  • I added all the parameters, by clicking right in on the knob in the plugin, and choose “add paramater”.

  • I saved and exported the device preset.

When I open the automation the device and import/open my saved preset, all the initial parameters are back, my set of parameters are all gone :frowning:

  • I can add the a paramter in the plugin

  • I can choose in the device.

  • I can choose to save or export the device.

  • I cannot open the the saved set of parameters within the automation device.

Is there a global .xml file that stores the init settings that I can edit? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I’m now building a midi automation device, seems to work just fine! I can save it and reopen it.