Initialize Lfo Values In Automation Editor Defaults Lfo Device

Dunno if I’m doing something wrong here;

…having a lfo set-up to control the send level on a reverb on a channel and double mouse clicking or entering in these parameters in the automation editor automatically reverts the lfo back to the defaults (= none). Seems like the settings aren’t remembered, taken over when initializing them in the automation editor?


Becomes noticeable when you do this on another channel than the first channel. Double clicking the ‘destination track’ parameter always sets the device to ‘01’ when wanting to have ‘CT’ current track.

Would be great if you could upload a small example song. I can’t follow you here…

Also not after the edit?

Start empty song
Go to second track
add reverb dsp device
add lfo device
set reverb in the lfo device & set ‘wet mix’ as well (leave it on CT)

Now go to the automation editor
Scroll down to the lfo device paramter list
initialize ‘Dest. Track’ (double mouse click)

Go back to the ‘Track DSPs’ tab and look at your lfo device, the values are defaulted + the destination channel = 01

IC. There is “no current” track in the dest tracks automation. Thats why it defaults to the first track when creating an automation.

I understand that this might be confusing, but lets please keep it like this. At least for this release…

ok, something for me to remember then :)

opened up a song today on which I had done something like this and missed the panning on a beat, I was sure I had saved the song with the correct settings so I thought this was a bug.