Input Column/Fx Commands With Numpad... Is It Possible ?


i was wondering wether or not it’s possible when you are in edit-mode that you can change the function of the numeric pad so it doesnt select instruments but the numbers can be used to input column and sample fx.

it would make my workflow much faster if i could use the numbers in the numpad instead of the numbers located above the letters on my keyboard.

hi, this is not possible as of Renoise 2.7.2.

It’s a nice idea though: it could be useful for example if, basing on the NumLock key status, the function of the numpad would change, although if I remember correctly the NumLock key is not present on Mac’s.

It should be optional, though, as it may be really confusing

was afraid of it, well it’s something i’ll have to get used to for now then, thanks for the input ;)